Project Vision


The SafeReads project is aiming to design and develop a productivity tool for children with dyslexia transitioning from Key Stage 2 to 3 (ages 8-14). The tool will support children in recognising problems with reading, teaching them to use strategies so that they cope with these problems and helping them to learn how to monitor their own progress. It is hoped that the outcome of this learning process will be the development of skills critical to children’s academic success and lifelong learning.

The SafeReads tool is intended to be available as a plugin that operates across different applications and devices (e.g. word processing tools, web browsers) covering the wide range of contexts in literacy. It will be designed for independent use as well as use with teaching assistants, teachers and parents who will have access to an interactive portal where they can share best practices with SafeReads, supporting them in their role to help children overcome their difficulties.

We are currently looking for KS2/3 teachers, IT coordinators and parents of children with dyslexia to participate in our project. You can contribute in number of ways whether you have only 5 minutes or up to an hour to spare – please see our ‘Get Involved’ page for more information.



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